construction worker on crane

Anyone alive a few decades ago could have found themselves exposed to asbestos in their home. Yet often, those discovering asbestos has adversely affected them came into contact with it through their work.

One industry where this was particularly common was shipbuilding. Ship manufacturers used abundant asbestos to insulate pipes and reduce the risk of a fire in one area of the ship from spreading.

It’s not only those that built ships that are at high risk. Those who dismantle them also are, as illustrated by a recent international incident. The Turkish government has refused to allow a Brazilian naval vessel to enter its waters over fears about the asbestos it contains. The ship has had to turn around and head back to its home country.

People are not always honest about asbestos

The seller of the Brazilian naval vessel declared to the authorities that it contained just nine tons of asbestos, despite the fact that its sister ship earlier declared itself to contain 700 tons.

Companies knew about the dangers of asbestos for years before legislators moved to ban it. As with many other toxic substances such as nicotine or certain weedkillers, they deemed the risk to the public acceptable in their quest for profits.

If a doctor has recently diagnosed you with an asbestos-related disease, and you previously worked with ships, consider if this is the cause. You would not be the first and those that have gone before you have paved the way for you to claim compensation. Seek legal help to understand how you can claim the money you need to help with the catastrophic effects asbestos can have on your life.