People who are suffering from any asbestos-related illness need to get treatment as quickly as possible. Some conditions, such as mesothelioma, may take a while to appear. But, they worsen rapidly once they’re evident.

There’s a lawsuit in Montana now that’s looking into delays in treatment for 17 living and 29 deceased former workers. The basis of the lawsuit is that the mineworkers were given the run around when they needed medical care. Allegedly, Zurich American Insurance stalled medical payments and the legal settlements to the workers.

For-profit claims

One of the claims in the lawsuit is that the insurance company moved the cases to investors who were able to profit from the delays that the workers were dealing with. The insurance company, which was doing business as Maryland Casualty Co., was responsible for workers’ compensation coverage for sick workers.

By failing to resolve the pending cases and moving them to an investor, the investor is able to make money off the sick workers while their health gets worse. The lawsuit is seeking to make these detrimental delays stop. The workers who are still living want the money they’re due so they can get the care they need. The representatives of those who died are seeking to get the money they’re due.

Anyone who was exposed to asbestos should ensure they get prompt medical care. There isn’t any valid reason for victims who are dealing with these illnesses to have to wait to get treatment. If workers are receiving the runaround about getting the care they need, they may have to take legal action. Discuss the matter with someone who’s familiar with this type of situation so you can push for the compensation you deserve.